So I’ve dicovered this sad obsession I have for phone cases, Ipad cases, and just cases in general. With this in mind, my pinterest search history is blowing up with case diys, so I’ve decided I would share some really cute ideas for cases of all kinds.

Laptop Sleeves/Cases:

1. geometric laptop sleeve

Geometric Laptop Sleeve


Tablet Sleeves/Cases:

1. 1 Hour DIY Laptop Sleeve Sewing Tutorial For Any Size Laptop

1 hour DIY Laptop Sleeve

2. Bow Ipad Case- this is just a picture but really its just a regular rectangle case with an elastic adn button and a bow sewn to it.

Bow Ipad Case


3. DIY Ipad Cover

Ipad Cover

Phone Sleeves/Cases:

1. Iphone 4s Wallet Case

iPhone wallet case

2. DIY unlimited Iphone cases!!!!! YESSSS 🙂

Iphone Case paper

3. Bow Clutch ( this tutorial is in a dif language but it’s still cute)

Bow Iphone Case

Other Cases:

1. Earbud pouch… uh, yes please

Earbud holder


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